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Using Our Powers For Good

March 29, 2018
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“I started Diamond + Branch because I wanted to use my powers for good.”

It’s a thing I say at networking events. When people are just meeting me and learning about the agency, it’s an easy way of introducing who we are.

First and foremost, it means picking our clients to make sure we can be proud of the products and services we are amplifying. Good marketing can be a powerful tool, and we believe that if we can help more people do more good, then we are increasing our impact.

So, sure, there were a bunch of ways that I knew Diamond + Branch would be doing good. We magnify the good work our clients do. As a progressive manager, I think I empower my team in impactful ways. Certainly creating jobs and economic opportunity is always great. I’m proud of all of those things, but I hadn’t considered that there would be even more to accomplish.

Last fall I was lucky enough to be introduced and welcomed to a local organization called Business for Good San Diego. Based on the premise that small business owners with progressive ideals can influence local policy; Business for Good actively engages in solving some of San Diego’s biggest problems. Our committees are working to improve opportunities for immigrants, address homelessness, increase small business access to resources, preserve and improve our local environment and health, and improve government transparency.

One of the truly exciting things about this organization is that if you want opportunities to participate in the process, you get them. As a result of my vocal support of a universal healthcare system. I was invited to join a group that spoke with Toni Atkins, our local representative, and the current leader of the California State legislature. As the primary sponsor of the current single-payer bill being considered in California, Representative Atkins shared with us her plans for increasing political will around this important issue.

A picture of the Toni Atkins group with Lindsay LaShell.

Just last week we hosted a meeting of Business for Good members and San Diego Councilman Chris Ward here in the Diamond + Branch office! As part of his work on the Economic Development and Intergovernmental Relations Committee, Councilman Ward wanted to hear from us about ways that he can improve working with the city to establish and support a new business.

While we discussed many great ideas, I’m especially excited about a new collaboration to create a resource guide for local business owners to empower them to assist homeless individuals around their businesses. This is a concrete example of PRACTICAL good, and I’m so fired up about it.

If you’re a San Diego business owner who shares these ideals, go check out Business for Good and maybe consider joining.

If you’re a leader in an organization that is doing good and wants to see how digital marketing can increase your impact, then email me:

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