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Mighty Networks Case Study

June 17, 2019
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Mighty Networks is a community platform that empowers thought leaders and entrepreneurs to expand, engage, and monetize their online audiences. Founded in 2017, they have built a feature-rich platform to manage content subscriptions, online courses, community interaction and more with both native mobile and web-based apps. Led by veteran Silicon Valley entrepreneur Gina Bianchini, early 2019 brought a robust Series A and a new focus on customer acquisition.

The Challenge

When they were referred to us in the spring of 2019, Mighty Networks was looking for a partner that could help their leadership understand how to respond to new opportunities revealed by an analysis of advertising performance. They had invested heavily in their software and in understanding how it was used, but their new audience acquisition efforts lacked strategy and meaningful optimization. In the first 8 months of work, we helped Mighty Networks better understand their online audiences, refine their messages, and dramatically increase the efficiency of their acquisition efforts.

The Approach

Diamond + Branch was in a unique position to begin work with Mighty Networks. Our previous campaign experience was with significantly smaller budgets than what they had available for advertising expenses, but this was a strength: Smaller budgets require greater efficiency to be effective, so we approached the work with the same scrappy attention to detail that we bring to all of our clients. Our work was driven by:

     1. Responsiveness: Daily ad optimization and frequent client communication enabled rapid iteration.

     2. Expertise: Deep collaboration between analysts and strategists revealed exciting opportunities.

     3. Leadership: Coordination and execution of optimization ideas with external vendors and client team created meaningful impact.

This approach allowed us to work rapidly and creatively, so that new opportunities were always being tested. This included:

  • A/B testing landing page and website elements such as headlines, calls to action, form fields, and more
  • A/B testing ad creative including images, videos, copy and calls to action
  • Examining audience qualities such as age, location, device platform, screen size, location, landing page, and frequency of visits from all our paid channels to identify those most likely to convert not just to free trials but to lasting subscribers
  • Expanding into additional social media or paid channels, testing native article placements and other tactics to increase brand awareness and lead generation
  • Testing and refinement of paid and organic search strategies, including direction on content creation priorities and optimization and management of thousands of paid keywords
  • Budget planning, optimization, and management across over a dozen different campaigns on several different platforms

The Results

The trust we established with the client allowed us tremendous freedom to experiment, which created the perfect conditions for an ever more efficient ad spend hitting an increasingly qualified audience. After the first month, impressive improvements demonstrated our expertise, but the ongoing improvements after six months are a testament to our tireless effort, and the numbers demonstrate this after our first month of work and further after six months.