Your marketing should be as powerful as your impact.

There’s work to be done and we don’t have time to waste.

Consider this: What would your organization be capable of doing if
your marketing was everything it could be?

What if you had

  • An audience that is excited to hear from you?
  • Predictable and increasing growth?
  • Messages that incite action?
  • A method for continuous improvement?
  • Alignment between teams and individuals?
  • A plan and a shared commitment to execute it?
  • Processes for accountability and delivery?
  • Consensus among key internal stakeholders?
  • More clients, donors, or customers?

Would you be able to

  • Increase your revenue?
  • Increase your impact?
  • Increase your reach and influence?
  • Increase your organization’s sustainability?
  • Increase your team?
  • Increase your benefit to your community? Your customers? The planet?

These are the outcomes that organizations who implement the Open Lines Marketing Framework can look forward to.

“We had worked with a few different consultants over the years, but it wasn’t until we got help from Lindsay that we were able to really keep up a sustained and thoughtful marketing plan. She made it painless to feel equipped and confident in where we’re headed. We now also refer her to our branding clients.”

Jen Derks
Founder and CEO at Four Fin Creative

When you’ve got good intentions, your marketing should be just as good.

More than others, purpose-driven organizations often struggle with their marketing. Maybe a couple of these sound familiar to you?

  • You have no idea what impact your current marketing is having on your organization
  • You have a complicated offering and haven’t found the right way to talk about it
  • When something works, you’re not sure why or you can’t replicate it
  • You spend too much time generating consensus between individuals and teams
  • You don’t want to offend anyone by asking for too much
  • You believe marketing is overhead and that you can’t afford it

Working directly with Lindsay to adopt the Open Lines Marketing Framework will change your outlook on what your marketing team is capable of. 

Now is the perfect time to adopt the Open Lines Marketing Framework if:

  • You’re experiencing a transition in your organization and you need a strategic plan to ensure opportunity and growth.
  • You’re launching new services or products or onboarding new team members and need guidance planning an actionable messaging approach.
  • You’ve recently completed a rebranding effort and now you need a marketing plan to get that brand in front of your audiences in a consistent and meaningful way.
  • Your marketing team is actually a patchwork of contributions from folks throughout the organization.
  • Your current marketing efforts yield unpredictable results and you see an opportunity to be more consistent in order to get more from your marketing efforts.
  • Your marketing folks are overworked and overwhelmed but your marketing is underperforming.
Lorna M
Interfaith Housing & Community Services

“Open Lines is what every nonprofit needs to develop a more effective marketing plan. When there never seems to be enough time or funding to market your organization you need to take advantage of this resource. The techniques and tools the program provides help your marketing efforts run like a perpetual flywheel. Everything you need for successful marketing is provided!”

Susan LePlae Miller
My Density Matters

“Lindsay is exceptionally organized and knowledgeable. She gave our team a leap forward on our marketing plan, and a better understanding of how to evolve it going forward.”

What is the collaboration actually like?

Think of it as a marketing retreat.

  • If we do it over Zoom, ideally we can meet once or twice a week. 
  • If we do it in person, set aside a whole week and expect some flexibility.

Either way, the process is the same.

  • Lindsay will first introduce a concept,
  • Then show you how the framework supports it,
  • Then guide you through the process of applying it to your unique situation,
  • Provide plenty of time for questions and feedback,
  • And finally review and refine to confirm buy-in.

GoogleDocs are where we live.

  • Supports asynchronous and distributed collaborations
  • Keeps a record of the process
  • Allows for ongoing refinement and optimization of assets

We generate lots of useful documents.

  • Landscape research
  • Persona profiles
  • Buyer’s journey for each persona
  • Brand messages for your organization
  • Channel strategy for each persona
  • Inventory of new assets to be created
  • Monthly marketing calendar
  • 12 month priority and monthly plan
  • 3 month content calendar

Lindsay’s got your back when you need her.

testimonial image
Media Director

“I loved working with Lindsay! Discovering our brand identity as well as thinking critically about our current customers, who they are and what needs they have was such a valuable opportunity for us as a business. Because of our time spent, I feel as though our next season of business has a solid game plan in terms of growth as well as what our focus should be.

testimonial image
Christie Marcella
Executive Director
Jacobs Center

“Lindsay’s strategic work with our program was fast and furious! It kept the team committed to hunker down and invest in truly understanding who we wanted our program to serve and how we could best reach them. This has been the most valuable strategic exercise I’ve been through, and I’ve gone through a lot. We’re already seeing results and changes two months in.”

Level up, no matter where your team is starting.

The Open Lines Framework will equip a new or young marketer to be incredibly effective, but it’s even more powerful for experienced marketers. If you think you already know all there is to know about marketing personas, brand messages and channel strategies, read these testimonials from clients who had decades of experience when they adopted the Framework:

“As a marketing and communications professional working for over ten years in agencies, as a consultant, and in-house as an employee, I have experienced dozens of ways to "do" marketing. I was skeptical of yet another framework and indeed, much of the early work with Lindsay was similar to other methodologies. However, midway through the program Lindsay's process diverges from traditional strategy frameworks, and in that moment, you see how and why her approach is exceptional. 

Every stage of Lindsay's process is grounded in a company's business history, and together we build the strategy based on evidence, not projections. So when the pieces come together toward the end of the program, every action that needs to be taken, every asset that needs to be developed is supported by a concrete rationale built on past success. I'm talking directly to marketers here: Lindsay's program will make your job easier. No more shifting priorities or content whims. You'll leave with a concrete plan to immediately begin executing.”

Lián Amaris
Head of Marketing and Communications, Refound
Lauren Grattan
Co Founder and Chief Community Officer
Mission Driven Finance

“I used to do a lot of donor communications in my former life as a nonprofit fundraiser, so going into this work I knew enough to be dangerous. All the terminology was familiar. I'd made personas before. Lindsay breathed new life into these concepts I thought I knew by combining them in the most effective flywheel framework. It's not an exaggeration to say it blew my mind.

Esther Blevins
Senior Manager of Marketing & Communications
Knoxville Opera

“Updating and refreshing my marketing knowledge with Open Lines has been crucial in boosting my creativity and effectiveness. It's so easy to fall into old habits when it comes to serving messaging. This gave me the shakeup I needed!”