If your success increases justice, access, or sustainability, then you are essential.

Set yourself up with a purpose-driven marketing plan.

What would happen if:

You were excited to do the marketing needed to grow your business?

You were confident about promoting your work?

You knew exactly who you were talking to and what they needed?

You had a steady, reliable flow of new business?

Your to-do list got shorter?

It’s not a dream. It’s not a sales pitch. It’s the Open Lines Marketing Framework.

In a deeply collaborative process, you’ll work closely with Lindsay as she provides guidance and insight to the creation of your custom marketing plan.

“Lindsay's structured process and keen insights have helped me to gain clarity about my personas, customer journey, messaging, and sales funnel. What was once abstract jargon has now been replaced with a meaningful and actionable marketing strategy for my business.“

Carolina Miranda
Founder and CEO Cultivating Capital

As an entrepreneur, doing your own marketing can be especially challenging.

It’s so easy to let other things get in the way and focus your time on things that feel more immediately productive, even if you know they won’t help you build for the long term.

Entrepreneurs (especially women, queer, and BIPOC entrepreneurs) have many predictable behaviors that let us off the hook for not doing our marketing. Even though we know it’s not good for business, we do things like:

  • Always having something “more important” or “more urgent” on our to-do lists
  • Creating a plan, missing a tiny execution step, then abandoning the whole thing
  • Telling ourselves, “after I sign a couple more clients, then I’ll be able to afford marketing”
  • Not knowing what to write about, so we don’t even try
  • Believing that marketing our businesses makes us look selfish, pushy, or too self-centered.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

When you work with Lindsay you’ll learn how to leverage the Open Lines Marketing Framework to create a plan that you feel great about. Confidence and clarity lead to excitement, which leads to consistent execution, which leads to results.

  • When you understand who you’re talking to, it’s easier to know what channels you should use to reach them.
  • When you understand why your offering is valuable to them, you can feel confident making sure they know about it.
  • When you can see all of the opportunities in your marketing, you can be smarter about how you prioritize your time.
  • When you see how this week’s choices impact next year’s revenue, you are motivated to dig in and do the work.

Confidence and clarity lead to excitement, which leads to consistent execution, which leads to results.

“We all are in love with our work - why would we be entrepreneurs otherwise? - and we have SO MANY things we want to tell our networks. But it doesn't matter what we want to tell them if it's not what they want or need to hear to fall in love with our work and take the next step.”

Lauren Grattan
Co-Founder and Chief Community Officer Mission Driven Finance

Client Spotlight:

Bibigi Haile, The Beauvoir Group

When Bibigi first reached out to Lindsay for consulting, she was already a sought-after speaker on the topic of imposter syndrome. She was leading a highly engaged community of professional women in her role as a personal branding advisor, and her content was inspiring and deeply resonant with her target audiences.

Still, she knew some things were not working:

  • Her offerings were not entirely in her zone of genius, so she was dissatisfied and frustrated
  • She was over servicing clients, which reduced her enthusiasm, capacity, and earning potential
  • She was easily distracted and suffered from “shiny object syndrome,” which meant few marketing efforts grew to meet their full potential
  • She struggled with prioritization and time management, so her content creation was inconsistent and overwhelming

We began with setting goals. We knew that clarity on her desired personas would allow her to better align her offering and her prices. We wanted to establish a marketing flywheel that would consistently generate new leads and prospects for individual and group offerings. Finally, we knew that she needed a content creation schedule that would allow her to commit to consistent execution.

For Bibigi, the collaboration was:

...as we learned that some of her personas were not actually her personas at all, and that what we initially thought were two personas turned out to be the same one, but at different times and aligned with different offerings.


...as we dug deep to find the essential messages that would reliably motivate her to create content that would move her audiences to action.

...as connections between Bibigi’s offerings and her audiences’ needs became clear, so did the opportunities to expand her income without increasing her effort.

"Even a coach needs a coach. Doing business online is challenging on a good day. Part of the issue is to build your own strategy out of all the information that is out there. Lindsay has a step by step framework that takes you from clarity to implementation. It is really really invaluable and I can't rave enough about it and her."

Bibigi Haile
Founder, The Beauvoir Group

When you work directly with Lindsay to leverage the Framework for your business, she will guide you through a series of exercises that will take all of your deep understanding of your business and your customers, organize it in a way that will make it actionable, and help you create a concrete plan for execution.


By the end, you’ll have so much more than a marketing plan.

You’ll have powerful, invisible things like:

  • Confidence in your offering
  • Clarity in your messages
  • Commitment to your plan
  • Empathy for your customers

And you’ll have equally powerful VISIBLE things like:

  • More effective calls-to-action
  • A to-do list that feels possible
  • An editorial calendar of content ideas you love
  • A schedule and inventory
Kealoha Domingo
Kealoha Domingo

“Mahalo Lindsay for helping to demystify marketing strategies. Looking forward to further developing my understanding and putting my new tools to work!”

Leang Chung
Leang Chung
Founder and CEO
Pelora Stack

I cannot say enough about how much I enjoyed working with Lindsay. Through her expertise, consultation, and mentoring, I now feel confident about my ability to reach my target personas and execute the 12-month marketing calendar I put together.”

What is the collaboration actually like?

Think of it as a marketing retreat.

  • If we do it over Zoom, ideally we can meet once or twice a week.
  • If we do it in person, set aside a whole week and expect some flexibility.

Either way, the process is the same.

  • Lindsay will first introduce a concept,
  • Then show you how the framework supports it,
  • Then guide you through the process of applying it to your unique situation,
  • Provide plenty of time for questions and feedback,
  • And finally review and refine to confirm buy-in.

GoogleDocs are where we live.

  • Supports asynchronous and distributed collaborations
  • Keeps a record of the process
  • Allows for ongoing refinement and optimization of assets

We generate lots of useful documents.

  • Landscape research
  • Persona profiles
  • Buyer’s journey for each persona
  • Brand messages for your organization
  • Channel strategy for each persona
  • Inventory of new assets to be created
  • Monthly marketing calendar
  • 12 month priority and monthly plan
  • 3 month content calendar

Lindsay’s got your back when you need her.

  1. Answers to your questions via GoogleDocs or email
  2. Archive of recorded Zoom sessions
  3. Refine strategy or reprioritize based on business needs
  4. Look at reports and find ways to improve outcomes
  5. Build consensus, improve communication, support project management
  6. Any other cheerleading and support you might need
Maryam Sharifzadeh 2
Maryam Sharifzadeh 2
ZaaS and Office Yoga

It feels like Lindsay knows my business better than I do at times. Helping me understand who my clients are and what they want is a game changer. Before that it was always a guess.”

Mac Villareal
Mac Villareal
Eat my Green

“We have an intelligent, well thought out plan that we can start executing right now!”

It feels like Lindsay knows my business better than I do at times. Helping me understand who my clients are and what they want is a game changer. Before that it was always a guess.”

Maryam Sharifzadeh
CEO ZaaS and Office Yoga

“We have an intelligent, well thought out plan that we can start executing right now!”

Mac Villareal
CEO, Eat My Greens

Open Lines Consulting Is:

  • Fun, eye-opening, exciting
  • Collaborative, engaging, demanding
  • Going to make you confident in your ability to market your business
  • Customized to connect your audience with your offer
  • A strategy that informs all of your audience outreach
  • Twelve months of strategic and moral support
  • Aligned with your business goals
  • Practical, actionable, empowering

Open Lines Consulting Is Not:

  • A drag
  • A process you can watch from the sidelines
  • Going to do the actual marketing for you
  • A one-size-fits-all cookie cutter marketing plan
  • A tutorial on how to use common marketing tactics
  • An omnichannel outsourced buzzwordy trendy solution
  • Trying to upsell you into more services
  • A bunch of creative ideas without a plan to execute

Not sure if consulting is right for you? Considering online courses?