This isn't about marketing.
It's about what marketing can do.

The Open Lines Marketing Framework exists to help help purpose-driven organizations and people execute marketing that works so that they can work on solving the real problems.

Excellent marketing is easier than you think and once you’ve got it, you’ll see the amazing results it can provide.

Generate Growth

Consistent attention to marketing generates predictable results for your organization's ongoing and increasing growth.

Bring Clarity

Focus on your audience and what they need so that you can prioritize the most impactful activities and shorten your to do list.

Increase Impact

Spend less time worrying about revenue and more time focusing on the unique and important solutions that you are offering.

Unlock Opportunity

Growth, clarity, and impact will combine to open the opportunities for you and your organization to thrive.

The Open Lines Marketing Framework will get you there.

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Maryam Sharifzadeh
ZaaS and Office Yoga

Lindsay framed marketing in a way that is actually fun and saves me time. I didn't realize how much time and energy I was wasting until I understood this methodology. It's a gift that keeps on giving.”

Olayinka Credle
Co-founder and Co-CEO
Melanin Essentials

“Lindsay’s framework is truly like no other! I am still in awe and my business is forever changed. Marketing doesn't feel like this scary beast anymore! I learned SO MUCH and I am still marinating. I also have some great resources to use and apply that knowledge. I can't wait to kick things off! I feel so confident and equipped!

If your success contributes to a more just, inclusive, or sustainable world, then you don’t have time to waste on marketing that doesn’t work.

Open Lines is most effective in organizations with limited resources to invest in marketing.

That means that you’ll get the most benefit if you are:

  • Self-funded, bootstrapping, or not-for-profit
  • Reluctant to promote your offering
  • New to entrepreneurship or leadership
  • Unsure of how marketing should be measured

To folks like you and many others, the Open Lines Marketing Framework does much more than create a marketing plan.

You’ll also get:

  • Clarity on your offering and your audience
  • Confidence to evaluate and execute on new marketing opportunities
  • Empathetic approaches to communication
  • Consistency in execution, supported by the new systems you learn
  • Measurable results from marketing activities
Give a gift to your future self and start investing in smart marketing now to ensure stability and growth now and in the future.

Ready to get some

in your organization?

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Meet Lindsay Lashell
Marketing Activist and Creator of Open Lines

“Marketing is an essential part of consistent growth for any organization, and it's much easier to get great results than most people think!

My goal with Open Lines and my empathetic approach to marketing is to support founders and organizations who are making a difference simply by being who they are.”