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Introducing The Understory Workshop

July 10, 2018
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[UPDATE] The workshop formerly known as Understory is now officially the Cause Marketing Bootcamp!

You’ve already read about how I started Diamond + Branch because I wanted to use my powers for good, but that was just one of the factors. I chose to establish us as an agency and not a consultancy because I love to teach. And I do! I teach my team, my clients, my network, and it’s awesome even without the classroom.

But the thing that I still love about the classroom is that it scales.

A few months ago, Jamie Hampton from Mixte Communications approached me at a Business for Good event. She wanted to partner on a project and she had an idea of what it should be. There are a TON of organizations out there that are trying to solve important problems, but their marketing and communications are lacking and maybe even holding them back. The organizations that are the least likely to be able to afford our help are also the organizations where our help would make the biggest impact. What can we do to help them in a cost-effective and meaningful way?

And The Understory Workshop was born.

The understory, if you’re wondering, is not about copy or content or narrative. It’s about growth. The understory is the part of the forest between the canopy and the ground cover. It’s pure potential. With enough sunlight and nutrients, it will shoot up and become part of the canopy of trees that are fully grown and reproducing. In The Understory Workshop, we help participants find the sunny spots, prune the fruitless branches, and get just the right amount of water and soil to begin to thrive.

Please download the overview here.

Please forward it to an entrepreneur who is afraid to start marketing because they don’t know where to start.

Please forward it to a nonprofit that has more potential than time so that they can learn how to make the most of what they have.

Please forward it to a foundation that wants to see a bunch of their partner projects get more effective in digital communications.