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Another Unicorn: Introducing Mia Bolton

March 19, 2019
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I regularly describe my employees as unicorns. The talent and commitment that they bring make working with them each day a joy to me and a boon for our clients.

The collective noun for unicorns is, appropriately, a blessing. I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve added another magical creature to our little blessing.

Even before I met her in person, I was optimistic about the opportunity to collaborate with Mia Bolton. She comes to us with many years of experience with one of our favorite collaborators, Mixte Communications. So yes, she understands the ups and downs that come with a small communications agency. And yes, she has loads of experience with purpose-driven clients.

Experience is one thing – and I’m grateful for hers- but whooo boy the intersection of passion and execution is where she really shines! For our team, she shares expertise in media relations, strategic messaging, and client engagement. For our clients, she plants the seeds, waters the soil, and tends the growth of many exciting audiences and sprouting opportunities.

To learn more about Mia, read her profile on our website, follow her on Twitter, and check out her amazing project focused on empowering women.

In Mia’s own words…

Before joining the Diamond + Branch team, I was sure I’d never work for another communications or marketing agency again. I knew career fulfillment for me would always be tethered to my impact on the social causes I care about, and I wasn’t sure I would ever find an agency that aligned with that again. Frankly, I thought communications agencies rooted in social justice were few and far between.

You see, before Diamond + Branch, I spent five years at Mixte Communications driving strategy for local, national, and international organizations uplifting the voices of the historically unheard and advocating tirelessly for the rights of all people. On any given day you could find me pedaling around town on my bicycle, orchestrating media relations campaigns, developing content and messaging, or discussing long-term goals with our clients and what communication strategies would get us there.

I always thought of my work at Mixte as work in the pursuit of equity, tackling issues such as keeping families together, environmental racism and air pollution, displacement, transportation/infrastructure accessibility, systemic discrimination and so much more. I met countless people whose stories I keep in my heart and I learned invaluable lessons about being an ally and the platform I have to affect change. I’m elated to have found a digital agency where I can continue to use my experience and expertise to catalyze the greater good. I’m elated to have another opportunity to work with organizations changing the world we know and building a world where all of us are free. So yes, my agency tenure has not yet ended — and yes, I’m so, so happy about that.