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A Team On Both Sides Of The Border

March 27, 2018
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Growing up in a border city like Tijuana automatically makes you bicultural. For many people in Tijuana, crossing the border to go to the US doesn’t feel like going to a different country, it’s part of a normal commute, like going to any store or shopping mall. Switching from Spanish to English and vice versa is natural and it just flows.

I had the opportunity to host a Diamond + Branch hangout in Tijuana and to show the team a little bit of my city and all of the great things that are happening on this side of the border.

A picture of Telefonica Gastro in Mexico.

Our first stop was Telefonica Gastro Park! It's a great place to hang out with a variety of different food trucks that serve delicious food, such as vegetarian tacos, seafood tacos, traditional gourmet Mexican food, ramen, burgers, wine, coffee, craft beer, boar hot dogs, and so much more!

A picture of the Diamond and Branch team outside the Telefonica Gastro.

The Diamond + Branch team outside of Telefonica Gastro Park. From left to right: Miguel Lopez, Jamie Takahashi, Lindsay LaShell, and Lisa Rosenfeit.

A picture of blue corn tacos.

Shrimp and Octopus tacos on blue corn tortillas! (of course we couldn't wait to take  a bite before the picture).

A picture of alcoholic drinks cheering.

Cheers to delicious food and drinks! This is some of the beer and even a "TJ Mule" that you can find at the Telefonica Gastro.

A picture of Diamond and Branch crew outside the Xolos game in Mexico.

Of course it wouldn't be a Tijuana trip without going to a Xolos game! Here's the crew with the mascot, the official dog of TJ, just outside the stadium.

A picture of a ticket with a soccer game in the background.

Look at those amazing colorful tickets! We got to see the Xolos play the Monarcas from Morelia, Michoacan. Unfortunately, the score was 1-1 tie, but it was a great game that kept everyone entertained.  

A picture of Diamond and Branch team at the Xolos soccer team.

Here is the crew after the game ended.

A picture of the Nortico sign in Mexico.

Our last stop was at Nortico, a speakeasy bar at Oryx Capital. They have amazing mixology, from a classic negroni or old fashioned to their own signature drinks using mezcal, tequila, bourbon, and other delicious liquors.

A picture of the inside of a speakeasy in Mexico.

Nortico has a very relaxed ambiance, they play jazz most of the time, the decor stimulates a speakeasy bar from the '20s, and they have pictures of Tijuana from the 1920s across the walls. "