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Using Questions & Supporter Empathy To Differentiate Your Marketing — Lindsay LaShell

November 20, 2022

My heart was breaking in two as Noah Barnett and Lindsay LaShell laughed at one of her guiding axioms, “People don’t read.” I’m exerting some energy finding the right words here. Is there a soul out there listening?

Lindsay is adamant that marketing isn’t about the channel you use but about finding your audience. If you know who you serve and the questions and words they use as they find your organization and join your movement, then you’re ready to help them along their journey.

And that’s what purposeful marketing is all about.


Lindsay Dayton LaShell is a marketing activist and the creator of the Open Lines Marketing Framework. Her work is to advance justice, equity, and sustainability through access to excellent marketing strategies for women, indigenous, queer, or POC founders, B Corps, and nonprofits.

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