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The No-Nonsense Marketing Plan That Builds Financial Stability - Lindsay LaShell

April 11, 2022
We are for Good Podcast
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Meet Lindsay. She's on a mission to help mission-driven orgs achieve financial sustainability and growth through marketing AND she's teaching how to do it with empathy and efficiency. We're unpacking a mini masterclass walking through the essentials needed for your marketing plan, and where to start today.


  • Building a marketing plan that's smart, strategic & sustainable
  • Breakdown of essential marketing assets all orgs need
  • How to measure and evaluate your marketing
  • Creating actionable brand pillars


  • Lindsay’s story and journey to where she is today (2:00)
  • Achieving financial sustainability and growth through marketing (6:00)
  • What Lindsay has learned from this framework and what has been surprising for clients (12:00)
  • Where you can start today (17:00)
  • What Lindsay has learned and how she has re-framed her mindset around marketing (20:00)
  • Essential marketing assets organizations need and how we use them and use them well (23:00)
  • Measuring and evaluating your marketing (29:00)
  • A powerful moment of philanthropy in Lindsay’s life (34:00)
  • Lindsay’s One Good Thing: Think about what you can give and not what you need. (35:00)

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