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Lindsay LaShell: How She Went From Teaching to an Agency Owner to a Marketing Activist

August 2, 2023
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Lindsay LaShell has had a fascinating career. She started out working for startups during the frenzied dot com era, got burned out right before the "dot bomb" happened and went back to school to earn a teaching certificate.

She was a teacher at Oakland Unified for four years before burning out (the typical timeframe for teacher burnout) and was asked to come work in marketing for an entrepreneur she had worked for in the past.

This led to her getting a lot of agency experience and, ultimately, starting her own agency.

Now, she's a solo consultant (more specifically a marketing activist) and loves it. It fits how she likes to work and what she likes to do: teach, build, and advise.

Our conversation dives into her career journey. We also talk about the power of understanding your strengths and playing to them and we even branched off and briefly talked about meditation and how it's helped her.