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Lindsay LaShell: A Marketing Activist Blends Purpose & Profit

August 1, 2023
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Want to save the world – & build a healthy profitable business? You can. My guest today, Lindsay LaShell, and I talked about everything purpose & profit! What is a marketing activist, how impact organizations can better leverage marketing to achieve goals, where folks go wrong when leveraging social media, & the marketing lies that detract all of us, for-profit & nonprofit – from achieving our goals. Lindsay explains her buyer’s journey framework & how it operationalizes empathy into your business model & marketing. We talk about B Corps & how any business that wants to make a difference can become one –  she has stellar advice for anyone longing to marry purpose & profit or paycheck. You will leave today’s conversation motivated to do more good with your work, no matter how large your organization is.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Marketing is not about lying to people, it is about telling your story truthfully to do good in the world. Marketing is a communication tool to serve & lift.
  • Every sale you make is human-to-human. B2B or C2C don’t matter because everyone is human with their own thoughts, fears, wants, stresses, & human needs.
  • Have a business purpose for everything you do in marketing. You do not need to do everything that everyone else does. You do not need to do something, especially on social media, just because you feel like you “should” do it.

“Mediocre marketing costs a lot of money because you don’t know who you’re talking to, & you don’t know what you’re offering. We don’t have time & money to waste. We need our s*#t to be more efficient, we need better. That’s where empathy focuses your range.” —  Lindsay LaShell