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Introducing Open Lines Marketing

March 2, 2022
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It’s funny, I often advise my clients not to make a huge public deal about a redesigned logo or new website launch. 

“No one cares about that as much as you do,” I tell them, “so unless it changes how they engage with you, it’s not likely to be something they’ll care about.”

Harsh, but fair, right?

That’s not what this is, though. This isn’t an announcement of a new logo or a new website (though it includes both of those things), and though I’ve been calling it a rebrand, that’s not really accurate either. More to the point, this move will certainly change who my clients are and how I serve them.

So I’m tremendously proud to announce that Diamond + Branch Marketing Group is no longer anything but a legal entity and a domain redirect.

In its place is another business entirely: Open Lines Marketing.

While D+B had the goal of executing exceptional content marketing for purpose-driven organizations, the mission of Open Lines is to make excellent marketing easily accessible to underestimated founders and purpose-driven organizations.

In the short term, that means I’ll be serving in the role of Marketing Activist in three different ways:

Writing a book! Want a sneak peak? Trade me your email address for a super useful preview chapter!

Offering online courses! Starting in April, 2022 we’ll do monthly webinars and office hours, designed for the small or new business that has never had an actual marketing plan.

Continuing Strategic Consulting! Working directly with clients to support them as they adopt the Open Lines Framework will continue to be a huge part of my work.

Doesn’t that all sound wonderful? 

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