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Helping Underestimated Founders Tell Their Stories

December 3, 2020
Female Firebrands

Save yourself years of heartache and frustration by learning from mission driven women about how they’ve overcome obstacles at work.

Join Mikaela Kiner as she talks with professional women and their advocates. They’ll explore timely topics like privilege, #momtoo (all things pregnancy and parenting at work), #metoo, and female rivalry. Professional women share their stories including challenges and tips and tools on how to work through them and stay resilient. Advocates of different genders offer techniques to increase inclusion, and stand up for yourself and others in Hot Moments.

Mikaela Kiner Speaking

Mikaela Kiner is the author of Female Firebrands: Stories and Techniques to Ignite Change, Take Control, and Succeed in the Workplace. She’s also the Founder and CEO of Reverb, a Seattle based HR consulting firm. Mikaela lives with her family in Seattle.




Lindsay Dayton LaShell is a marketing activist and the CEO of Diamond + Branch, a marketing consultancy that serves womxn, queer, and BIPOC entrepreneurs and nonprofits. She helps these organizations achieve financial sustainability and growth through marketing that is both empathetic and efficient.

Lindsay and I talk about how marketing can help underestimated founders acquire clients and avoid failure, why she shaved her head in a rebellious act of feminism and ways to use your field to give to others.


     What does it mean to be a marketing activist?
     Lindsay analogizes her marketing strategy to Blue Apron… What does this mean?
     How does Lindsay’s work serve underestimated groups?
     What pushed Lindsay to shave her head at the beginning of the pandemic?
     How can you really make a difference in people’s lives regardless of whether or not you work in the non-profit sector?

Thank You for Listening!