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Healthy Delegation and Accountability: Holding Yourself & Others to the Standard of Getting Things Done

November 2, 2020
Power to Fly
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For years I’ve been saying that my spiritual gift is telling people what to do, getting them to actually do it, and still have them like me at the end. My experience comes from leading groups of volunteers, teaching in elementary school classrooms, being an entrepreneur, a boss, a board member, and a consultant, so I've had lots of opportunities to refine this gift.

I'm excited to bring my tools and practices to support your journey around:

  • Making sure you only commit to what you know you can do, and saying no when you need to!
  • Delegating to others without ambiguity, and holding them accountable if necessary.
  • Managing communication breakdowns in healthy, equitable, and productive ways.


Lindsay LaShell

Lindsay LaShell

Teaching Strategic Marketing To Small

Lindsay Dayton LaShell is a marketing activist and the CEO of Diamond + Branch, a marketing consultancy that serves womxn, queer, and BIPOC entrepreneurs and nonprofits. Her work is to help these organizations achieve financial sustainability and growth through marketing that is both empathetic and efficient.

She founded Diamond + Branch on a path that began with tech startups, wound around public education, and then through other digital marketing agencies. Now, her work combines her love of teaching, passion for entrepreneurship, and unique approach to marketing strategy to support those working for justice, equity, and sustainability.

Lindsay is on the Board of Directors and leader of the Communications team at Business for Good San Diego, a network of local business owners advocating for progressive policy solutions to homelessness, climate change, immigrant rights, and business sustainability. She’s a proud graduate of Seth Godin’s altMBA, an opinionated consumer of gin, and a dedicated caretaker to one adorable chihuahua, Olive.