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Getting your Launch Marketing Sh!t Together: What you need and how to use it.

June 26, 2018
Start-Up San Diego
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Lindsay LaShell

Diamond and Branch
Owner, Director of Strategy

Lindsay Dayton LaShell entered the workforce at the peak of the first dot-com bubble, where she learned about digital product management, usability, business management and spending your investors’ money on beanbags and pizza. Since then, she’s worked for funded startups, bootstrapped projects, one serial entrepreneur and three marketing agencies, with a brief detour into the wilds of public education.

In 2015 she established Diamond + Branch Marketing Group, a digital marketing agency that provides strategy, content and analysis to women-owned and purpose-driven organizations. When she’s not writing a strategy document or analyzing web data, Lindsay will probably be in North Park, eating, drinking, and knitting with her adorable dog, Waffles.

Launch marketing is tough. Little or no data to draw from, even less time to execute, and not a lot of runway to get it right.

We’ll talk through the MVPs of your essential marketing assets to get started and how to use them to create something actionable.

  • Building your marketing personas
  • Mapping your buyers journey
  • Identifying your key messages
  • Planning actual campaigns and content

The result is a part-time marketer’s dream: An actionable, strategically-informed content plan, complete with measurable goals!