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Entrepreneurship, B-Corps & Impact with Lindsay LaShell

March 31, 2023
Mindset Zone Podcast
When women, queer, people of color, and entrepreneurs do well, the whole world becomes a better place because of justice and power.
– Lindsay LaShell

Lindsay LaShell is a marketing activist dedicated to helping purpose-driven organizations direct their marketing toward sustainability and impact. She is the founder of Open Lines Marketing and the creator of the Open Lines Marketing Framework, a one-of-a-kind strategic framework made to advance equity, justice, and sustainability through exceptional marketing.

Lindsay joins me today to discuss B Corporations, entrepreneurship, and creating an impact. She shares her background and why she became an entrepreneur despite her initial reluctance to be one. She explains why it was important for her to become part of the B Corporation movement and describes the mindset that bolstered her to create a supportive and inclusive company geared toward growth.

Lindsay also highlights what her teaching experience taught her about the roles of respect and collaboration in entrepreneurship and underscores why empathy is a key trait of an effective leader and marketer.